Our Mission

We are dedicated to uplifting artisans worldwide by cultivating long-lasting relationships that bring their beautiful, handmade products to market through fairly traded channels.  

our values

every purchase makes a difference



Fair wages, fairly traded.

At Le Tattva, we pay a 50% advance payment to our artisans, which enables them to procure the raw materials necessary to create and offers them protection from predatory loans needed to secure the highest quality materials. We pay the final 50% of the payment upon completion of the order, purchasing the products outright and taking on 100% of the risk of sale, so our artisans never have to worry.

We partner only with organizations dedicated to providing fair wages, safe and clean working environments, health insurance, environmental awareness, employment access for women and empowering our artisans to create sustainable business practices.



Taking care of our world.

We care deeply about the Earth. This is why we collaborate, pay attention, and encourage artisans to use sustainable crafting methods and recycled materials in their handcrafts. To offset the carbon footprint of shipping internationally, profits from each purchase go to support 1% For the Planet. We are committed to plastic-free packaging whenever possible and encourage the reuse and recycling of our packaging in the home.



Supporting. Empowering

Operating closely with fair trade principles, each purchase at Le Tattva helps support and maintain the culture and communities of our artisans. In addition, each purchase also directly goes to support childhood education in India thanks to our partnership with Vidya and Child, which helps to build workshops, fund healthcare and education initiatives and additional community projects as needed.

We strive to foster connections between the makers and our customers by sharing the artisan’s stories as well as the tradition, materials and skill behind each of their handmade products.


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