Fair Trade

Fair Trade is more than just paying fair wages. It is a trading partnership founded on trust, transparency and dialogue seeking equitable international trade.  Fair Trade partnerships are designed to help producers in developing countries to receive fair, living wages, clean safe work environments, as well as improved social and environmental standards.  By purchasing fairly traded products, such as those at Le Tattva, you directly support the artisans and communities that surround them and ensure their continued ability to survive and thrive as entrepreneurial artisans.


Our Commitment

At Le Tattva we are committed to bringing fairly traded products to market while establishing partnerships of trust, mutual respect, and equitable trade with our artisans. We are committed to enacting our vision of fair wages worldwide and doing things differently. We are proud to be a company that goes the extra mile to ensure the well-being of our artisans and are committed to putting our artisan partners first in everything we do. Lastly, we are committed to the continued growth and empowerment of our artisan partners and their continued well-being.


Fair Trade Principles

Third party Fair Trade certifications are founded on 10 principles including : creating opportunities for economically disadvantaged producers, transparency and accountability, fair trading practices, payment of a fair price, ensuring no child labor and forced labor; commitment to non-discrimination, gender equity and women’s economic empowerment and freedom of association, ensuring good working conditions; providing capacity building, raising awareness for fair trade necessity, and respect for the environment. We work tirelessly to ensure that all our partner organizations operate under these principles and offer help to those artisan partners who are working toward their certifications.

sustainability and fair trade

Sustainability and fair trade go hand-in-hand, and is integral to how we operate here at Le Tattva. Sustainability in this sense means caring for the environment and making sure that products are created in ways that are gentle on the environment to ensure its continued existence. This means a commitment to locally sourced and upcycled materials. Furthermore, sustainability is also about helping the artisans we work with create sustainable income solutions so they can thrive and give back to their communities. It is helping them to sustain their livelihoods and create multi-generational wealth for themselves and their communities.