fair trade home : introducing Le Tattva

Welcome to Stories:  Hand-to-Home blog from Le Tattva, where we invite you into our community to learn more about the people, traditions and behind our selection of fairly-traded artisanal home décor.  Le Tattva cares about more than just beautiful products. Our artisans are central to why we do what we do, and we are excited to create a community here that connects our worlds, bridging great distances as each product tells a story and travels from their hands to your home.


Hand-to-Home Products

Behind every handcrafted product is an artisan who created it. Le Tattva would not exist without our artisans. Despite being highly skilled, artisans in India often remain hidden, along with their stories and an understanding of their craft. By working closely together, our focus is on uplifting and empowering our artisan partners to continue perfecting their craft, keeping their traditions alive and becoming successful entreprenuers. We are passionate about sharing their beautiful, handmade products with the world and ensuring that they are paid well and supported in creating a sustainable lifestyle for themselves and their communities.

Why fairly traded?

In many interior décor stores, products inspired by travel are found in abundance—woven baskets, rugs, embroidered cushions, furniture and dinnerware for example. In many cases, these products are mechanically reproduced in workshops that pay low wages to their workers and don’t necessarily create safe working environments. This leads to a high poverty rate amongst artisans worldwide. Without the means to support their families, the artisans are unable to pay for children’s education, invest in their communities, and in some cases even put food on the table each night.

At Le Tattva, our mission is to uplift artisans worldwide while bringing their beautiful, handmade goods to market through fairly-traded channels. By sourcing ethically, and partnering only with artisan partners that are certified fair trade or directly committed to fair trade principles, we ensure that you can feel good about the artisanal pieces we curate in our boutique.


Fair Trade Home

If you are like most people, images of coffee and chocolate come to mind when you think of “Fair Trade” products. But Fair Trade goods extend much further than food. Artisans all over the world create modern interior decorations while preserving the knowledge and craftsmanship that comes from centuries old techniques.  By purchasing products and filling your home with fair trade products, you help ensure the preservation of the savoir-faire the artisan holds within them, the ability to provide for their families, and the empowerment to invest in themselves and their communities.


Below are our tips and tricks to building a Fair Trade Home, one piece at a time.


How to build a Fair Trade Home

  1. Take it one piece at a time.
    1. You don’t need to do a complete overhaul right away. Little by little you can make small changes, adding beautiful pieces that are ethically sourced to your home. Always wanted a throw to add over the back of your couch? Purchase one that is fair trade. Need to replace the old, worn cutting boards in your kitchen? Why not replace it with a beautiful artisanal chopping board that you can feel good about? Little by little your home will transform, and we think you will be happy with the result.
  2. Make it a habit.
    1. Make buying fair trade a habit by taking the time to research brands that are sourcing ethically and care for their artisans. What is the company doing to ensure their artisans are treated well? How are they sourcing their products? Are they giving back in other ways? Building a fair-trade home takes time to learn the companies and brands that align with and are committed to fair trade principles.
  3. Buy artisanal
    1. Since most fair-trade workshops are working with artisans, you can rest assured that most fair trade items are artisanal made, and not mechanically reproduced. Look for brands that place the artisan at the center of everything they do. Looking for handmade made pieces adds something extra special to your home, as well as has the additional benefit of directly impacting a life. Each piece you add to your home, represents one person you have touched in a positive way. That’s something to feel good about.


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